Jacqueline enjoys her sequels, moves from MURDER 2 to HOUSEFULL 2

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 05 Aug 2011 15:26:38.2000000 IST

Out of sight, out of mind. This was the biggest threat that Jacqueline Fernandez faced when she was off the Bollywood scene for a full one year. Post the poor box office response that ALADIN as well as JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI faced, the only silver lining was an item number 'Dhanno' (HOUSEFULL). This is when she had a double bill coming her way with MURDER 2 being followed by HOUSEFULL 2. And now that she is back in the reckoning with MURDER 2, she is positive that HOUSEFULL 2 will take her to a different level altogether.

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view JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ picture gallery

'It was so amazing that to have both these offers fall into my lap. Thank goodness that I had managed to keep my sanity intact and instead of turning desperate and picking up something trivial or unworthy, I waited for these films. I was always told by friends that patience pays in this industry. I guess they were right. Incidentally both these films are sequels and none of them featured me in the first part. I guess I have created a record already, isn't it,' she giggles.

Post MURDER 2, talk of the town is that Jacqueline has now pretty much filled the void of a rare A-league actress getting into an unabashed body show with an uninhibited attitude to boast of. So while the film has presented her in a different light altogether and Sajid Khan, in his true trademark style, has promised Jacqueline that HOUSEFULL 2 would be the biggest hit till date in her career, the going seems to be quite positive for the young woman.

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With a couple of major projects already in the anvil, the Sri Lankan beauty can finally start calling Bollywood as her home. 'Yes, I am feeling a lot more settled now and now is my time to prove myself,' says Jackie, 'I have been working my hardest and feeling a lot more secure as a person. These are far happier times for me. I am obviously a lot content than before. I have no complaints or regrets. I have been given these huge opportunities and now it is up to me to make the best out of it.'