Jacqueline Fernandez proves about her equation with Katrina Kaif

Recently there were headlines that all is not well between Bollywood actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif, who were touring along with Salman Khan and other stars for Da-bangg Reloaded Tour. In fact there were reports that the two ladies can’t meet eye-to-eye. They didn’t even want to perform together and the cold vibes went to an extent that, Katrina and Jacqueline demanded to stay in different hotels, reportedly.

But going by Jacqueline’s latest status on instagram, it seems there is no bad air between the two gorgeous ladies. They are more than cordial, atleast it appears from Jacky’s instagram story. She posted few videos, wherein she is seen calling out for Katrina and Sonakshi Sinha, who was also part of the tour, and praising Katrina for getting good meal too. Jacqueline was also seen bonding with Sonakshi Sinha. However, we haven’t seen any update or any signs from Katrina’s end yet. Looks like Salman Khan, who happens to be a common among all, played the cupid to make them friends or there was never any bad vibes between the duo and it was a mere hearsay.