Jacqueline & Hrithik's tango dance is HOTNESS

Jacqueline & Hrithik's tango dance is HOTNESS news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 25 Nov 2016 15:58:36.5800000 IST

Hrithik has been termed as the third most handsome man and rightly so. On top of that, when paired with Jacqueline, expect sparks all the way!

Both who were seen in an ad recently, looked beyond stunning. Jacqueline rocked a green thigh high slit, one-shoulder dress, and Hrithik kept it classy in black formals.

But wait – whoa! They turn to action and do martial arts, making it look WAY too hot!

In a fit of rage, Jacqueline even pulls off Hrithik’s suit, and that scene is not worth a miss!

Ultimately Hrithik ends up picking Jacqueline and doing tango with her, looking sizzling hot!

When they can create so much fire on screen in just 2 minutes, imagine what would happen when a director pairs them up for a movie!

Watch the video here: