Jagjit Singh invited to perform in Pakistan

Jagjit SinghNo other singer is more synonymous with Ghazals than the incomparable Jagjit Singh. Mirth and mischief share a kinship with him, and that mischievous twinkle in the eye, his unmistakable trademark comes to full play when he is teasing and charming his audiences. Little wonder then, he has a fan following of about half a billion people across the world.

New albums and new visages of Jagjit Singh will continue to be released. But a career, which has spanned 40 years, requires a truly representative compilation of the artiste's most varied and memorable work. The market too is ready to receive a Jagjit Singh retrospective in song. SONY MUSIC has done just that to honor the ghazal maestro with this definitive album called - PARWAAZ. A recording of Jagjit Singh Live at the Esplanade, Singapore, this album chronicles the master's musical journey over four decades. It has culled out exemplary songs from his vast repertoire of Ghazals, Geets, film songs and traditional Punjabi songs, all sung live in the unique and inimitable style of Jagjit Singh. PARWAAZ showcases 21tracks of the past, which are truly alive even today.

A random sampling of what's really in store for the ghazal maestro's legion of aficionados:

? Hosh walon ko is an all time super hit. Nida Fazli's lyrics too have contributed to the ghazal's popularity. The theme is advocating love as opposed to the "pining for the beloved" kind of theme that most Ghazals have. It was used in John Matthew Mathan's film "Sarfarosh" and picturized on Naseerudin Shah who played a singer in the film.

? Kal chaudvin ki raat is an evergreen classic that has contributed to Jagjit Singh's popularity. Umpteen men the world over have used this ghazal to win over women. An ode to a woman's beauty where what seems like a glowing full moon to some seems like the woman's face to the lover!

? Baat nikelegi to is a total gem. This is a must have in any ghazal lover's collection. This is actually a nazm that is sung, i.e. it is not in metre but one thought throughout. This one is about the man explaining to his lover why she should hide her love for him. When Jagjit Singh sings it at concerts there is seldom a dry eye by the end of it. He very beautifully brings out the pathos by stretching and stressing on 'door to actually make you feel the 'doori', the distance.

? Woh kagaz ki kashti is another very popular one from the repertoire. Especially it's a great hit with the not so serious ghazal fans/initiates who get to know Jagjit Singh because of this song. It simply must feature at every concert. Though the singer himself feels like he has gone beyond this one, it will not leave him. The words are something everyone can identify with as it talks about someone pining for his childhood and all that it stood for.

? Tumko dekha to is this Jagjit's first film song and was a runaway hit. In fact to date the combination cassette of Arth and Saath Saath is a top grosser. This song was well picturized on Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval. Few people know that Jagjit, not composed by him, only sings this song. It was composed by Kuldeep Singh and written by Javed Akhtar, among the first few film songs the latter wrote. Best remembered for the lines "Tum chale jaaoge to sochenge humne kya khoya humne kya paaya zindagi dhoop tum ghana saaya"

? Hoton se choolo is another very popular film track (Prem Geet). Written by Indivar and picturized on Raj Babbar. The song is actually a treat to hear at Jagjit Singh's concerts as he can add classical bandishes to it and it can go on for 20 minutes with the audiences asking for an encore. He actually makes the sound of a woman's payal on the lines " payal chankati tum aa jao jeevan mein, sanse dekar apni sangeet amar kar do". The audience goes ecstatic and till today the singer will not reveal how he produces the effect.

? Mitti da bawa Punjabis the world over go moist-eyed when Jagjit Singh sings this one. It is about a soldier's wife who is waiting for her husband, all alone she has no children either, so she makes a child out of mud and sings to him telling him about how his father is a "banjara" who will come home some day.

? Tera chehra kitna is the one purists hate. This is more like a geet, but very popular with youngsters, the simplicity of language being the reason. An easy hummable song made more popular due to the video made by Ken Ghosh and the re-mix version by Raju Singh. This was the first Jagjit Singh ghazal to be officially remixed.

? Aadmi Aadmi is known for its very beautiful lyrics. Talks about the futility of fighting, when actually nothing is in our hands, there is a lord above who decides all. This was from Someone Somewhere, the first album Jagjit Singh did after the tragic death of his only son. It was also after years that he was singing solo, without Chitra. When he gave his first performance after a long gap, to promote this album, at Mumbai's St Xavier's College, and he sang this ghazal, he started crying and so did the audience. There was silence till he composed himself and carried on. A line always remembered is: "mera qatil hi mera munsif hai/kya mere haque mein faisla dega...jo bhi dega wahi khuda dega"(my killer is the one who is appointed to provide justice how will he be just with me? Whatever I have to get the lord will give me).

Since we live in a visual age, other than the regular music cassettes and compact discs, SONY MUSIC is also releasing VCDs and DVDs of PARWAAZ the show for his fans and the initiate to experience what it is to attend a Jagjit Singh concert. All four formats, i.e. the audio cassette, compact disc, VCD and DVD will be released globally simultaneously. Perhaps a rare instance. The value add-ons of the album are -- a 24-page booklet of photographs of the life and times of Ghazal maestro. The DVD has a Dolby digital 5.1 sound to give his fans the complete live experience.