James Cameron back for the TERMINATOR reboot!

The terminator series gave fans all over the world a scare of the impending doom of humanity by the wrath of machines with the first installment of the TERMINATOR series in 1984. The film was widely acclaimed and a sequel was commissioned which would change cinema forever with TERMINATOR: JUDGEMENT DAY being one of the most iconic films in Hollywood history and made Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the biggest stars on the planet.
Fast forward to a couple of decades later, Director James Cameron had left the franchise after the initial two films and since then it hasn’t lived up to its reputation with the latest film TERMINATOR: GENYSIS which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke barely being a successor for the James Cameron originals.
Now a complete reboot is in the pipeline for the franchise with James Cameron returning back as a producer, which is a huge boost for the franchise and it instills hope that the man responsible for blockbuster hits like TITANIC, AVATAR and TRUE LIES is taking the reins.
The series have also roped in actor Diego Boneta, of the ‘Scream Queens’ and ROCK OF AGES FAME. With director Tim Miller who made DEADPOOL and producer James Cameron handling the narrative of the film, it is exciting to see that such a huge franchise back in the hands of people we can rely upon and who will deliver the franchise’s potential which the fans are eagerly waiting for.
The film is scheduled to release in late 2019.