Johny Lever's daughter Jamie Lever steps into the world of music

Jamie Lever well known for her comedian genes from her father and veteran actor known as India's best comedian Johny Lever is launching her first song which is a blend of an African and Indian song. Jamie has done more than 160 standup shows globally, she has also been part of Comedy circus ke mahabali on Sony Tv and hosted many tv shows. Apart from comedy, Jamie has her interest in singing, when Jamie was around 6/7 her father noticed that she had the gift of singing so he used to make her sing his favorite songs. Soon after she was put into singing classes where she learned Indian classical. Jamie started participating in singing competitions at school and also sings in a church choir. 

Jamie quoted, "Music has always been an important part of my life, in fact, many thought I’ll take up singing as a career but I was passionate about comedy and wanted to act. Even though I decided to follow my father's footsteps and do comedy I incorporate singing in my stand up acts &  performances".


Jamie adds, " this is my first song cover and will always be special for me, as I wanted to record something different and my friends and family supported in the making of the song. Further, she shared her selection of song ‘Niroge’ is a beautiful song by an African singer VANESSA MDEE. We love world music at home and we listen to all kinds of music, one day I just came across this song and completely fell in love with it. I heard it about 100 times or more to learn all the lyrics even though I didn’t understand them. It was then that I decided I had to do something with this. I reached out to Vanessa on twitter and she was kind enough to give me a go ahead. ‘Jawani Janeman’ the second track I used is by Asha Bhosle Ji, who is my favorite and you can say I began my career impersonating her so we thought why not sing her song it’ll almost be like a tribute to her from me. 

Hopefully many more such unique mashups, song covers and maybe an original track!  will come soon our way to mesmerize us with her soothing voice.