JHMS trailer: Thankfully the trailer was more engaging than the mini trails

JHMS trailer: Thankfully the trailer was more engaging than the mini trails news
img By Pooja Sharma | 21 Jul 2017 18:03:46.1900000 IST

After keeping the audience on tenterhooks by releasing mini trails the makers of JAB HARRY MET SEJAL have finally released its trailer.

Earlier after watching all those mini trails we were wondering what new perspective the trailer is going to convey but now after watching the trailer we can say that it does has new things to offer.

First and foremost Imtiaz Ali’s finesse of telling even a simple story in a very beautiful and artistic way is clearly visible in this 3 minute long trailer.

Shah Rukh Khan looks charming and is seen playing a role of a Harry who is a lost tour guide (not in literal sense though). Now Harry meets Sejal (Anushka) who is in an urgent need of guidance on her tour as she has lost her ring and she will do anything to find her lost ring.

Now in their quest to find her lost ring Harry asks Sejal to maintain a distance from him but Sejal being a pragmatic woman doesn’t pay any heed to his words and instead make things easy for both of them by using her LLB knowledge (we saw this part in the mini trails if you remember)

Now though Sejal pisses Harry off mysteriously he is drawn towards her and finds himself in dilemma as Sejal is already engaged!

Interestingly in one of the scenes Sejal clearly states that she is not one of those women who will leave her fiancé to elope with a tour guide!

So how is Sejal going to fall for Harry and whether or not they end up together is a big question which will be answered only when the film releases.

We loved the trailer and you will enjoy it too.