John Abraham following Ajay Devgn's traits... but wait!

A file pic of John Abraham

For all those Bollywood buffs who have watched the recently released DISHOOM, might agree to the fact that John's character design brings back the memories of the good old Ajay Devgn's past screen portrayals.

John is known to be a fitness freak and mostly would be refraining from any of the vices like smoking in real life. But then in most of the scenes in DISHOOM we find him smoking a la Ajay Devgn in a lot of his past films. So much so that even if Ajay is smeared in water, he would pull a packet from his pocket and light up a cancer stick (ha ha) in the next shot (probably a lack of understanding of the continuity bit by the direction team). Was he bringing the real addiction on screen or may be he cannot do without it? Probably the directors were told to create such sequences. Anyways, coming back to the traits - it is not just the smoking bit, but even the way the character behaves is wooden or in better words, a no nonsense/serious person, whose body moves like a robot. It seems he's bulked up too much and lost agility and along with it wants to be portrayed as a poker faced sleuth!
But wait, as the latest is that an NGO working against the consumption of tobacco plan to write to John Abraham asking him to withdraw the poster for DISHOOM where he is seen smoking, which is unlawful and hence should be withdrawn. Remember NO SMOKING, John?

I'm sure, fans of both Ajay and John would want to disagree. But please do let us know...