John Abraham: FORCE 2 is relevant in current scenario

John Abraham: FORCE 2 is relevant in current scenario news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 18 Nov 2016 12:22:56.6200000 IST

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha starrer FORCE 2 has hit the screens today. While the issue of demonization is still the biggest concern in today’s time, even after a week the issue has failed to resolve leading to a chaotic lifestyle. People are still make a beeline outside ATMs and banks.


Amidst this scenario, movies are facing big monetary loss as people aren’t watching movies and prefer to fulfill their necessity.

While ROCK ON 2 tanked at BO, we wonder what will be the fate of FORCE 2 and if the actors are prepared to bear some percentage of loss.

In an exclusive conversation with John, when asked if people would prefer watching movie in such a situation, he said, “I think so. I want people to watch FORCE 2 as the movie is quite relevant in today’s time. I didn’t want the movie to push as it’s an apt time for the movie to release. We didn’t think about this issue while we were shooting but fortunately there are some scenes wherein the audience will understand and relate to the current situation.”

Here’s hoping people turn out for FORCE 2!