John Abraham: Don't make comments to trend

John Abraham

John Abraham is the Manoj Kumar if Indian cinema at present, he is seen giving us back to back hits and that to in patrotic genre. After the success of Parmanu, Satyamev Jayate and now striking trailer of RAW, John is aceing the patriotic genre. At the trailer launch of RAW when media quizzed John about his love for patriotic films to which he said, "I am a sucker for patriotic films, I love my county, I love and respect all the religions I am naturally attracted to the subjects that attract patrotism."

"Having said that I am not saying RAW is a jingoistic film, it shows the truth and it has been well researched by the director." Adds John. Well if this wasn’t enough media asked John about Kangana’s striking comment on politics and actors not commenting on political issue of the country. 

At the success party of her film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi last night, actress Kangana Ranaut said that actors should talk about political issues. She said that actors need to be more responsible and take charge of politics. She even took names like Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor who said in the past that they don't want to indulge in politics.
Today, at the trailer launch of Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) actor John Abraham was asked about Kangana Ranaut's statement that actors should make political statemenst. John Abraham said, "If they are politically aware, then I think Kangana definitely is (right).  She has got a voice and I think you must take a stand if you are politically aware. You shouldn't be like I say 'stupidly talented'. You cannot be an idiot who doesn't know anything about the politics of other countries and states, Like where and what's happening. If you don't know what's happening in Bihar to Syria then you should just shut up and show your mug that you have done so much work on. Don't talk."

Further more he adds, “So unless you are aware about what's happening then only make a statement. Don’t make statements to trend, If you are not aware, don't make a statement. I think everybody here sitting who made this film on this bench here, everybody in my view I think we are all very politically aware. We understand what's happening. Of course, we have shot the film a lot in Kashmir. So we know what is happening there and we know what the grassroots and ground roots problems are there. So we understand what's happening there.”

John further added, "As we are all aware about the scenerio of Kashmir we condemn what’s happened over last few days and we are not opportunistis the film has been scheduled to release next month and it was planned in advance. We didn't know this woh I’d happen and this isn’t deliberate or to encash the film."

kudos to John for making such truthful comments!