John Abraham visits contest winner's office

View John's visit to the Madison office - Picture Gallery

View John's visit to the Madison office - Picture Gallery

Temperatures in the Madison media office in Mumbai soared as Bollywood star John Abraham and Kumar Mangat producer of upcoming Bollywood film NO SMOKING, visited the winner of MiD Day - Makes Work Fun - Bollywood Lunch Contest.

MiD Day, India?s No.1 Afternooner, truly knows how to make work fun. It has launched a contest called MiD Day - Makes Work Fun - Bollywood Lunch Contest wherein the winner gets a lunch date with a Bollywood star at their office. Thanks to the winner, the entire office also lunches with the stars. This contest will be an ongoing one offering opportunities for much fun at work.

Naresh Poojary, Media Group Head at Madison, was the lucky winner of the contest. He said that he had read an article that carried an interview with John and Anurag Kashyap, the Director of NO SMOKING, which really inspired him. Naresh who used to be a heavy smoker, had made a lot of effort to reduce his smoking. After reading the article, he has stopped completely. So when he heard about the contest, he was inspired to participate in the hope that he would get an opportunity to meet with John and Anurag.
Naresh was also excited about John?s visit to the office. He said, ?Being a media consultant, I spend a lot of time telling clients how they can garner publicity, so now the tables have turned and I?m in the hot seat, and it feels great! There?s a huge buzz in my office. People in my office who didn?t know my name yesterday are coming up to congratulate me, and speak with me. It?s like being a celebrity myself, even if it?s just for a day!?

John was welcomed into the Madison office by Priyanka Khaneja Gandhi, Deputy GM of Madison. He then walked around, meeting folks at their desks, stopping to sign autographs, take photos and chat. He presented Naresh with a bouquet of flowers, amidst much cheering and whooping from the office crowd. There were pizzas for the entire office, and John sportingly partook of the feast! There was also much cheering when John shared that he himself had begun as a media planner and was doing much the same job as Naresh until his boss suggested that he enter the Gladrags Model Hunt.

View John's visit to the Madison office - Picture Gallery

View John's visit to the Madison office
Picture Gallery

John said ?I am delighted to be part of the Mid Day Bollywood Lunch Contest, and come to this office, because I?ve been a media planner, and know how hard media planners and buyers work. Mid Day is all about making work fun, and I?m glad to bring a bit of fun into the typically stress filled day of the planners and buyers?

John also seemed to be enjoying the day thoroughly as he agreed to take photos with literally everyone in the office coming by in groups, signed autographs, and chatted.

Naresh was delighted with the entire day. He thinks this contest is a great initiative by MiD DAY, as through the win of one contest participant, the entire office shares a very fun day and has an entertaining time.

Abhijit Pradhan, Director Sales & Marketing, MiD DAY Multimedia Limited, commented, ?We find young urban professionals, MiD DAY?s target audience, are busier and under greater pressure than ever. We at MiD DAY have almost made it a cause, to bring a spirit of entertainment and fun into their everyday workplace experience. The Bollywood Lunch Contest is just one such example.?