John: Akshay has the basic tenets of being a producer's actor

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 25 Nov 2011 12:49:00.3870000 IST

Much has been said and written about Akshay Kumar and John Abraham being partner-in-escort-services for this week's release DESI BOYZ. While the verdict would be out in a few hours from now and it would be known by one and all about all the fun that these two 'desi boyz' manage to bring on screen, John insists that for him it was a huge gain personally as well as professionally to reunite with Akshay.

Says John, "For Akshay, time is money and he has the basic tenets of being a producer's actor well in place. When I did GARAM MASALA with him, I was more or less just starting off and was in a learning mode. Now after a passage of years, it is great to be paired again with someone as senior as him. I am sure our association after all these years is going to pay off well."

view DESI BOYZ movie stills
view DESI BOYZ movie stills

Talking about a film paying off then well, he was as confident about FORCE as well which managed to fetch him some of the best critical appreciation till date. However doesn't he too feel that even though the film is a successful venture, it would have been a 'sone pe suhaaga' moment for all involved had the film managed to cover a greater distance at the box office.

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"Yup, one can't deny that," says John after a brief pause, "Let me put it this way though. Despite everything that existed and can't be changed now, the film still opened well hence proving to be an earning preposition. Yes, had the effort been far stronger, the film would have garnered further acclaim and moolah for itself."

Well John, here is hoping that at least with DESI BOYZ all efforts indeed pay off and you get your biggest ever box office success since NEW YORK and DOSTANA.