John: Deepika is a tall & wonderful woman

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 23 Nov 2011 15:13:56.6370000 IST

It was meant to be an in-film joke but seems like it has pretty much caught on well between John Abraham and Deepika Padukone off screen as well. All this while one wondered whether Deepika would ever find her match in front of the camera, considering her towering height and an athletic physique. However as it has turned out, John Abraham has pretty much turned out to be the man of the moment and he has no qualms publicizing this very fact at all possible occasions.

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"Yes, while there is a line in the film where I tell her that we would look great together due to our compatible heights, this reference has been made by quite a few of my fans as well during the city tours. It is fun to see a fact like this catch on so well with the audience. Guess it is time for me to keep reminding Deepika of the same," says John who admits to have had some great fun working with Deepika for the first time ever in DESI BOYZ.

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In the film Deepika plays his steady girlfriend even though his roommate Akshay Kumar isn't quite keen on them getting married. While the sequences centred on this relationship are presented in a funny manner, John admits to enjoying the song and dance routine, especially 'Jhak Maar Ke', with Deepika.

"Being paired with Deepika is indeed special," says John, "It is nice to have someone like her opposite you. She is a tall woman, perhaps as tall as me, and moreover she is a very nice girl and a wonderful person in real life too. She is a great co-star to have and for audience this is nothing less than a double bill to see our fresh pairing."