Jolly Akshay Kumar's '<i>Go Pagal</i>' fails to drive us crazy!

Jolly Akshay Kumar's 'Go Pagal' fails to drive us crazy! news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 04 Jan 2017 14:24:00.4030000 IST
We just entered 2017, and we already have the so-called ‘Holi-Anthem’ of the year presented to us by the makers of JOLLY LLB 2. Akshay Kumar took to social media yesterday and gave us a sneak-peak of Jolly’s pagalpanti by sharing the teaser of Go Pagal and today the song was released.

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‘Go Pagal’ is a complete disappointment and we will tell you why. First and the foremost we fail to understand why there was a need of such a clichéd Bollywood number in the sequel of a National award winning film with a realistic story-line. We wonder why the makers of the film are tampering with the soul of the original film.

This song is a typical Holi number that Bollywood offers us every year. Our new Jolly, Akshay is seen serenading his lady love Huma in this song. ‘Go Pagal’ is peppered with all the essential ingredients of a clichéd Holi-song of Bollywood.

When you watch this song it instantly hits you that the makers are just trying to cash in on the success of its prequel, because in a court-room drama comedy film, it seems that this song has been incorporated just to add the unnecessary ‘masala’.

Even if you try to look at this track objectively, it would still disappoint you as neither the singers (Raftaar and Nindy Kaur) nor the choreography (by Bosco) succeeds in impressing you in any way.

JOLLY LLB had garnered critical praise as well as success at box-office. It was a highly entertaining yet very realistic film. So we wonder what was the need to make its sequel as a typical commercial Bollywood film.

We are sorry but this Jolly made us ’Pagal’ for all wrong reasons.