Jonita Gandhi and Prashant Ingole’s <i>‘Haq Hai’</i> is empowering & encouraging!

It’s International Women’s Day today, a time when we celebrate womanhood! And what better than to have a song, which encourages women standing up for themselves as it’s their right to live?

As we told earlier, a song titled ‘Haq Hai’ from BAJIRAO MASTANI lyricist Prashant Ingole’s upcoming short film BUDH has been released on the occasion of Women's Day today. Times Music unleashed the song, sung by ‘Gilehriyaan’ (DANGAL) singer Jonita Gandhi

The song is beautifully crooned by Jonita, which is penned by Prashant Ingole, who has even written and directed the film BUDH.

The song is empowering and gives you goosebumps as the lyrics are so soulful and full of power.

‘Haq Hai’ is for every woman who is a little less confident about herself and feels she is unworthy of stuff.

This song is for every woman and every man who have women in their lives.

‘Haq Hai’ has been composed by Shreyas Puranik who has earlier composed ‘Gajanana’ in BAJIRAO MASTANI. The song has been has been produced by Jackie Vanjari who has produced many popular songs especially ‘Malhari’ from BAJIRAO MASTANI and ‘Binte Dil’ from the recently released PADMAAVAT. The studio partner for the song is Wow and Flutter owned by Tanay Gajjar has mixed and mastered it.

Currently BUDH is in the last stage of post-production.