Juggy D: I want to sing for Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh

Juggy D is widely regarded as one of the most influential Punjabi artists ever to come out of the UK Asian music scene. He is one of the first Punjabi vocalists to make a dent in the UK's mainstream charts as part of the World Famous Rishi Rich project and has also had major success as a feature artist on tracks by Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Craig David, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliot and Timbaland. He has also featured on a number of Bollywood tracks, cementing his career as an International Punjabi Rockstar.

Juggy D has been singing since he was 14, winning talent competitions and performing at various events. His first single “NAHIN JEENA” came out in 2002 which is even played in parties today.

And now Punjabi rockstar Juggy D teams with up with rapper IKKA & prolific urban producer RISHI RICH to create the season’s hottest party jam ‘Get Down’.

Speaking about the same Juggy D shares “I am glad the track is loved by all. It’s been an amazing vibe from vocaling the track to shooting the video and having Ikka on it is great, it mixes our UK flavour with the Indian rap scene. Very happy that it’s releasing on VYRL Originals platform”

Rishi Rich adds “When I made the beat, I had a vision in mind which is now ready to be shared with everyone. Working with Juggy D once again on this track alongside Ikka has been great. I am looking forward for it to release on the VRYL originals platform“

Sharing the same note, IKKA shares “When I first heard the track Rishi Rich and Juggy D had created, I knew I had to be a part of the collaboration.. It was an amazing experience working with the two people that inspired me when growing up. I am glad VYRL Originals gave us this opportunity.”

Juggy D is happy to be assoiasted with some amazing party numbers like MUBARAKA title track and Jannu song. He has a sense of rapping with a Punjabi tint that you will surely enjoy
But for now, he enjoys making dance tracks.
Speaking about the same he says, “ I like the energy. It represents me. I am an up-tempo kind of a guy. I have a lot of energy and I like to portray that in my music, to make people smile and dance. We(Rishi Rich ) were the ones who became trendsetters and this genre came to light. People says, 'This guy makes dance numbers'. That's what I do. It's cool. Sometimes I do romantic, mid-tempo tracks. As an artiste, you experiment with a few other things but yeah, I am known for pop Punjabi music, urban Indian music, and that's what people love to hear from me.

Furthermore he said, “ So, I don't care if people stereotype me. As long as I deliver a good song and they like it, it's cool. Talking about my love for Punjabi songs I was more into Punjabi folk music, but being in the UK, I listened to a lot of reggae and pop music. So, my influence is from all over. Rishi Rich (music producer) was working on one song. Then he decided to work with (rapper) Jay Sean. We ended up creating a genre which kind of shook the music industry. The song 'Dance with you (Nachna tere naal)' became an iconic track. Even today, 15 years after the song released, people still love that song."

Talking about his party song "Get down", he said: "The response has been amazing. It is growing nicely. People are loving the vibe. We have so much fun. We bring out the best in each other. He gave me my break, so how can I leave him? I work with other people, but the chemistry that we have, I don't get it from elsewhere. Sometimes, when we work together for four to five days, we start getting on each other's nerves. We say, 'I won't be around you anymore'. But then we get back together."

Reminiscing his experience of collaborating with Rishi, he said: "I had gone to Atlanta, where Rishi was staying. In six days, we recorded seven songs. We didn't release any of those songs. After that, we worked on other stuff also. I want to do singles. You make a good song and a video. Sometimes, you may have eight songs on an album, but only three videos. Nobody even listens to the rest (the ones without videos) so, what's the point of doing an album? I will make songs one by one.

When asked him, which actor would he want to lend his voice to which he said, “Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan is the man of words once I was supposed to work for Salman and the project didn’t take off, he still remembers it and I am sure one day we will work together.”