Juhi Parmar's Debut In The SuperNatural With Tantra

Juhi Parmar

Actress Juhi Parmar who was last seen in Shani in a double role is once again going to be back on screen but this time around in a supernatural show. Juhi is still very popularly remembered as Kumkum and will be making her debut in this genre as previously the actress has dabbled with everything from reality to mythological shows. Siddharth Kumar Tewary's Tantra will see Juhi in a never before seen avatar as she plays the role of a young doting mother who is the head of her house and the common thread binding the entire family together. Juhi spoke about the role and said, "Swastik is home for me and its like coming back to family for me! However, I must say after having played a double role as well as a negative in Shani, this role is once again very different. Not only have I never done supernatural before but the intricacies in the relationships which Sumati, my character, shares with each household member are so important, especially with Niyati. Since I am a mother in real life, I really fell in love with Sumati's character and her love and care towards her own children."

Speaking about still being remembered as Kumkum the actress says, "Kumkum is an integral part of me as I have lived this character for 7 years. Those memories are extremely special and I am glad that the character was so iconic that years after the show has gone off air, people still remember the character with so much love. This doesn't happen in today's time as shows come and go and rarely do we have characters that stick around for so long in people's memories." Juhi's last show Shani went off air earlier this year in March after which the actress has been spending time writing a mother blog and giving insights into the life of a single parent for which the actress has been receiving tremendous appreciation.