Explore the artistic journey of innovator Bharati Kapadia

Bharati Kapadia

Bombay based artist Bharati Kapadia is a well-known personality on the contemporary Indian art platform. Over the years, she has consistently shown work which is strikingly original in formal innovation. Dealing with issues related to inner evolution, memory and identity, she works with techniques in which the intervention of light becomes crucial for a complete experience of the artwork.

For artist Bharati Kapadia, making art is a deeply inward journey driven by essential, often spiritual, questions - "What is it that animates me? How do I stay with that impulse? Which materials can I work with to give form to that?" Intuition and an affinity for the material drives her creative impulse and the artwork takes form as it is being made.

We are delighted to invite Bharati Kapadia - visual artist, performer and an out-of-the-box innovator - to Mumbai Local to share with us her artistic journey. From her beginnings as a graphic designer writing M F Husain's bio while he sketched it, to her early years as a part of Astitiva (the Mumbai-based fine arts collective that sought freedom for the artist from having to depend on galleries for showing and selling their work), to her first solo show 'Of Currents & Confluences' in which light plays a major role in making invisible visible, she will take us through her onward journey as an artist and as a human being, a mutually dependent relationship. The session will be held at MCubed Library at 5 pm on 5th January in Bandra. 

Expect unexpected journeys through the artist's process; expect to be treated to visuals of her work, and to think through the expression of an inward search for self-realization through creating art.