VICE India unveils the teaser of its documentary inspired by Mirzapur


VICE India unveils the teaser of its first-ever crime documentary, Ka Se Crime, inspired by Indian crime thriller web series, Mirzapur. Touted to be a non-fictional documentary episodic series, 'Ka Se Crime' covers a whole length of crime-related stories of Uttar Pradesh.

The series follows the real story from Uttar Pradesh, they promise to share stories releated to organized scams and promises to give viewers a hard hitting and gritty look into the world of crime. As promised by the content creators of the documentary follows the footsteps from recetly successfull Amazon Video series Mirzapur, it shows the journey of two brothers lured by the idea of power only to get consumed by it.

The main plot is under wraps and no release dates has been announced yet by VICE india, but we're sure to get a lot into crime stories recently and ? Se Crime will be newest entrant into it. VICE India is a full-scale media company with content at its centre and a multi-platform distribution plan – producing scripted, film, news and culture content from India for television, OTT, and digital platforms.

Crime. n.
An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.
Doesn't quite cover it, does it? From petty scams to organised crime syndicates—are you ready for VICE's crime specials?#ComingSoon November 24, 2018