KAASHI: 'Tujhe Dhoond Raha Dil' Sharman searches for Ganga in Benaras!

Raj Ashoo composed, Shabbir Ahmed penned, Yasser Desai rendered ‘Tujhe Dhoond Raha Dil’ from KAASHI, commences quite appropriately with a panoramic view of the beautiful ghats of  Kaashi (Benaras) and then focuses on the strong bond between Sharman and his younger sister, Ganga. The brother –sister duo are shown flying kites together, indulging in the usual cute sibling fights, Sharman introducing his sister Ganga to Aishawarya Devan (journalist Devina) as a ‘bandariya’(monkey) and later reminiscing about the good times spent with his lost sister. The focus then shifts to the search for Ganga and ends  with Sharman in handcuffs being sent to the gallows and he stating that Ganga cannot leave Kaashi, as she belongs there.