Kajol to suggest best hair color with this brand

Hygienic Research Institute Private Limited (HRIPL), a leading name in the Indian beauty and personal care products space, today announced award-winning actress Kajol as brand ambassador for their Vasmol Range of Hair Colours. She will soon be seen in Vasmol Kesh Kala’s latest TV commercial endorsing the tag line, Yahi Hai Sahi Hair Colour (This is the Right Hair Colour).

Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala (SVKK) is HRIPL’s flagship hair colouring brand and for decades customers have trusted it as a safer option to colour greys. The product’s unique appeal lies in its mixture of herbs and oil like properties that beautify hair giving them their natural looking black colour.


HRIPL’s association with Kajol comes at a point when the brand Vasmol embarks on a new phase of growth by reinventing itself for new user acquisition. The new and improved SVKK aspires to strengthen the brand’s appeal amongst a younger demographic who are thoughtful of their choices keeping in mind the safety aspect of hair colour.

“Vasmol is one of the most trusted ‘Hair Care’ brands and has been offering its customers, credible hair colouring solutions for decades. The best part is that with changing times, it is renovating itself, upgrading and getting better by the day to offer solutions that are relevant to today’s hair coloring needs. I am glad to be associated with the new and improved Vasmol range of hair colors and excited to be a part of the TV ad campaign that highlights exactly the same” said the award-winning Actress Kajol.

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