Kangana Ranaut campaigns for #FitToFight!

Kangana Ranaut is on fire these days with her stark statements on national television, as she voiced out her opinions and didn’t shy away from standing up.

After being part of AIB’s video, she is now part of Reebok’s #FitToFight campaign, as the campaign shows, women power and to fight against assaults, or to stand up against common issues like eve teasing as well as patriarchal society.

The camping shows women should fight and stand for her fights, the ad shows women learning kick boxing and being physically fit.

Physical strength leads to mental strength. Kangana is the force behind this campaign as despite being an outsider she fought and made a mark in the industry, her success story isn’t hidden and she is an inspiration for many aspirants.

The ad is a message to all women that come what may she never gives up.

Check out the ad below: