Kangana Ranaut: It’s not easier to make films on historical figure!

Kangana Ranaut epitomizes grace, strength of character and progressive attitude in her latest interview


Kangana Ranaut, a name that is revered in the Industry for being the lone warrior, who always emerges victorious. The actress has been in the eye of the storm because of controversies, both on the personal and professional front.


Yet, she did not back down and decided to stand by her actions and statements, despite facing backlash from some particularly influential quarters.


And eventually, she walked out of it all with utmost grace showcasing strength of character. In her latest conversation with Bombay Times, Kangana, once again shared her opinions and thoughts where she begged to differ from the ‘popular’ opinion, and raised some pertinent issues which must be brought to the fore.


Here are some excerpts from the conversation –



On being the warrior, both onscreen and off-screen

She is not only a great performer but a brutally honest artist as well

Staying true to her philosophy in life

On why she never dodges questions

Audience before anyone else

On allegations on hijacking film’s promotions for dealing with personal agenda

She didn’t shy away from owning up the responsibilities of her film's debacle

On raising funds for meaningful and important stories

On freedom of expression being under threat in the country