Kanika gets emotional while filming movie

Kanika Maheshwari (Pic. Courtesy: IANS)

"Diya Aur Baati Hum" actress Kanika Maheshwari says while shooting for her first short film, which deals with the "sensitive mother-daughter relationship", she started crying hysterically.

She has written and produced the film titled "Forever Whim". It tells the story of a mother-daughter relationship with the former getting diagnosed with cancer.

"This movie is not about a patient fighting an illness. It touches upon the sensitive mother-daughter relationship. I remember this particular scene, where I have to record a video diary and look composed, I started crying hysterically and nothing could stop me," Kanika said in a statement.

"So the director decided to go ahead with that shot. I was emotionally drained during the entire writing process. I could feel the pain as my own. I kept thinking about my son," she added.