Karan Johar's agressive action in Calling Karan 2 will shock you


Why is it that expression of love should be restricted to only people who are young? At least that’s what the young generation thinks of our country. Isn’t it?

Radio’s most entertaining show, Calling Karan 2 on Ishq 104.8 FM saw Karan Johar open up many prohibited topics and spoke about it freely on-air. Not only did he address to those taboo topics but also gave listeners straight up advices on how to mould relationships better. In one of the recent episodes, Karan has Neena Gupta as a celebrity caller and here is what she had to ask.

“Young people love, romance karte hain, no problem. Par aap thode old ho jaao aur romantic ho jao ya lovey dovey ho jaao, toh logo ko itni problem kyun hoti hai?”

Agreeing with the situation Neenaji has brought up, Karan had the below to say, “I think youngsters, especially if they are related to you, get embarrassed kyunki humaari country mein we think after a certain age, old people should not have sex. People think parents should not have sex. It’s ridiculous! You should be active sexually with consent of course. Romance cannot be restricted to age, if you are 60 and single and have a relationship, nobody has the right to judge you. So, all those youngsters judging people older in love. SHUT UP and let them do what they want. It’s their life.”