Karan Johar to cappuccino with BRU!!

Karan JoharBru, the flagship coffee brand from Hindustan Unilever Ltd, today announced Karan Johar as the official brand ambassador for BRU Cappuccino. Karan Johar will don his new role as the brand ambassador for BRU starting November 2007 and kick-off this new association with BRU Cappuccino?s first ever succession of events - ?One is not enough- Festival? in Delhi.

On his association with the brand, Karan Johar said, ?I guess my bonding with Coffee is really very strong! I am delighted to be associated with BRU Cappuccino which is my favorite coffee brand! It is all about young people hanging out together for a creamy & frothy cup of coffee that gives them a reason to celebrate life and share happiness.?

Commenting on Karan Johar?s association with BRU, Vikram Grover, Category Head ? Beverages said, ?Whatever be the role and situation, India?s most versatile director, producer and television host Karan Johar has made every moment special for Indian families with his movie, style & persona. He has a pulse of what the youngsters want to see & hear and emerged as a perfect brand fit for BRU Cappuccino.?