Teejay to husband Karanvir: You Make Us Proud Karanvir

Actor Karanvir Bohra has had quite an interesting journey full of ups and downs in the house so far. With the maximum amount of industry support, Karanvir by far is being called the most dignified contestant inside the house. Many times called out for his 'Mahanta' Karanvir has maintained his cool in the worst of fights.

Wife Teejay Sidhu who is known to call a spade a spade has come out in support and said that she's very proud of Karanvir. Karanvir in last night's episode was seen saying that he has worked very hard to reach here and for him, such language is not welcome. Teejay tweeted the video stating, "Your BiggBoss journey has been tough.. but proud of you for sticking through it and conducting yourself with dignity! ? #KaranvirBohra"

Well, we couldn't agree with Teejay and Vikas more! Viewers are hoping for some clean entertainment and Karanvir, the family man, is playing the game the cleanest!

Former Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta who's openly supporting his protege Rohit on occasions more than one stood up for Karanvir. After being referred to as a Kutta by Rohit, Karanvir like a big brother expressed to teach him a lesson through Vikas. Vikas took to social media to ask people not to target Karanvir, he wrote, \"Please dont target @KVBohra. He dint say anything wrong & yes Rohit will get thrashed not just by me but his mom also for calling his elder brother #KV dog even if it’s in a fight\"