Karishma Kotak: LUCKNOWI ISHQ is Adhyayan and my love story!

Karishma Kotak: LUCKNOWI ISHQ is Adhyayan and my love story! news
img By S Abid | 27 Oct 2014 11:14:16.3170000 IST

Actress-anchor-presenter-model, Karishma Kotak, is a household name, and a well-known face. Though she has been very selective in her career (more so due to her multifarious engagements), her BIG BOSS and Indian Premier League (IPL) stint, not to forget her endorsements.

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When we had last caught up with the vivacious Karishma, she was busy with the shooting of Arshad-Soha starrer, MR JOE B CARVALHO, and was honest enough to inform us that she only had a guest appearance in the film.

Recalling our last tête-à-tête, Karishma told us, “Yes, I remember, I was in Goa shooting for MR JOE B CARVALHO. It has been a hectic schedule after that. You know about IPL and after that anchoring of many shows and of course, modeling, the most recent was my Cadbury ad shoot. But thankfully, I managed to shoot for LUCKNOWI ISHQ with Adhyayan Suman, obviously in Lucknow.”

Trying to make her bat on a different pitch, we queried Karishma about her experience in the city of Nawabs, ‘Lucknow’, famous for its culture, heritage and not to forget, Kebabs (even vegetarian!). And pat came the reply, “True, Lucknow is soaked in heritage and culture, and I must confess that I did indulge in the Kebabs. On a serious note, it is my and Adhyayan Suman’s love story. He plays a doctor and I, a simple girl. (Simple? We queried, shockingly). And Karishma replies (laughingly), “I know. Given my British upbringing you must be shocked but my Hindi/Urdu is also quite good. (And she was right, given the small demo that she put up). All said and done, LUCKNOWI ISHQ is a good film, and shooting for it, especially with the well-mannered Adhyayan Suman was a good experience,” signs of the friendly actress.

Well, we are sure that the audience too will echo the same sentiments after watching the film.