Kartik Aaryan: I fear getting into relationship

Kartik Aaryan is one of the most successful actors in B-town, he has given back to back successful films be it Pyaar Ka Punchnama franchise and the much recent Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, he is on career high with his bromancing and anti-love role.

He is set to play a very vulnerable character in Luka Chuppi, opposite Kriti Sanon wherein he will be seen romancing.

The heartthrob of the nation is enjoying attention and work from budding actors like Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey but he doesn’t want to get into a relationship at all. And girls you will soon know why! 

In conversation with Kartik Aaryan as he spill beans about his role in Luka Chuppi and what keeps him the most bankable actor till date.
Experts from the interview 

Such a unique title of the film, have you ever played this game in your childhood?

(Laughs), the title of the film was differnt earlier, as the pictures started to leak the title of the film was changed, talking about the game , I used to play this game a lot. When I heard this film’s title for the first time, the memories of my childhood flashed into my head and the name is quite surreal.. and people would be intrigued.

You have set a benchmark for yourself in bollywood is there a pressure of numbers with this film?
 I’m happy with what I’m doing. After Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety I had lots of expectations. I was looking for scripts with good content and value of commercial cinema. And Luka Chuppi had both the essential things which were needed. The songs in the film as well as the content has a commercial aspect . It’s a very massy film the script excites me now. The trailer and the songs has received great response which increased my excitement. The story is hilarious and youth will surely enjoy with the family.

Tell us something about your role in Luka Chuppi. 
This is the first time I will be playing a guy from a small town, his name is Guddu Shukla, a journalist the channel’s name is Mathura Live. Actually when this film was offered to me, it’s initial name was Mathura Live after which it was changed to Luka Chuppi. This small town guy’s role was very different for me, I always played a Delhi guy. It was an overall different world for me. I had to work on my dialect too. This role was very interesting to play. Although I’m from a small town, Gwalior but Mathura has a different dialect all together. Because Sonu’s character was very metro city related boy so this was very different for me. Guddu is a vulnerable guy. 

Sonu or Guddi whom do you relate to more?
Well, I enjoy playing a little grey shade, Sonu is naughty and is street smart, while Guddu isin’t, he is naive and very very righteous, which Kartik isin’t.

What is the news arena that intrests you? 
I don’t have a particular choice of journalism or journalists. Today every journalist comes up with a thought process. I love those who are aware about everything and it’s an important aspect. I find it attractive when you ask me questions which matter to me rather than stupid questions.

Now a days your every film is marriage related. Why is it so?
think in my past films, I’ve spoken so much against love that now I’m not able to marry in Luka Chuppi. But there are multiple problems coming up, including live in relationships. But these characters are very interesting. Even though Sonu was a bit negative, he was lovable. I’m interested in those films which are a bit thrilling and comic. I’m unknowingly liking the same characters.

Do you think newcomers like you are the new face of Bollywood?
We are unlucky that we won’t be able to see the stardom which they had seen. These stars had a mystery within themselves, now everyone knows everything about us. That has taken away the sheen from us which every superstar had and they still have it. I am trying to sustain in a longer run. I am inspired by Shah Rukh sir, he has made his own audience base. He took along all the people who grew with him and even I have the same look out.

How has your journey been until now?
took me 7 years to reach where I am today. I have struggled a lot and done a lot of things. This position is very valuable for me which I don’t want to loose. But it has changed, I had no many options for script. After Sonu, it has changed. Now I have become an option in director’s mind. So that is a great thing for me. But now the struggle has changed, now I want scripts made specially for me. So there are different struggles on different levels.

What’s the biggest change in you after Sonu ki titu ki sweety?

A lot has changed after the success and I am enjoying every bit of it. The only concern I have is I get very less time for my loved ones. That’s a guilt in my head. There is a fear inside me that if I go in a relationship then because of my career, I won’t be able to give time to it. I live with my parents now but still I am not able to give time to them.

Kartik Aaryan

Do you believe in profit sharing as you are also giving back to back hits?
This is done by big stars, I am not thinking about it right now. It depends on what you are dealing with. All these things are on various levels but I am only concentrating on the content and not on these deals. I believe that if someone deserves it then they should get it. 

Would you like to do on biopic on somebody?
Yes, on Shah Rukh Khan