Kashmera Shah: It’s a little dangerous to have a kid when you are older

Many actors are opting for surrogacy be it Tusshar Kapoor who became dad to Laksshya, Karan Johar became single dad to Roohi and Yash and the latest is Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek’s twins Rayaan and Krishaang.

Although they were born months back, the couple didn’t want to show their images and hence Kashmera this morning posted on social media and shared the images of her twins along with Krushna.

The couple secretly tied the knot in 2012, but didn’t want a child immediately since they were focused on their careers. It was hard to conceive because of erratic work schedules.

Speaking to Times of India, Kashmera opened up about her pregnancy and IVF.

Excerpts from her interview.

Kashmera said, “ Everything was fine with us, but we lead such stressful lives that it often becomes a matter of luck. When Krushna’s dad fell ill, we put the plan on hold for six months. It was a difficult time for us. I went through five (ovum) pick-ups and three (embryo) transfers, but all in vain.”

The actress adds, “In a span of 10 days, I went from size two to eight. I didn’t give it a break and kept trying every month, thereby pumping myself with injections, as I didn’t have the time or luxury to wait. After all, I was not in my 20s anymore. Also, it’s a little dangerous to have a kid when you are older. It took us 13 attempts and two years of constant pain and no work to have our babies. Some people have to go through the struggle and maybe, God wanted to test us.”

The couple were planning for adoption, having said that Kashmera says. “It’s harmful to torture your body beyond a point,” says the actress, adding, “It was not easy to look pregnant and not be pregnant, as these injections tend to make you bloated. We then decided that if everything failed, we would adopt a girl child. My doctor called to tell me to decide about the next move as there were chances of a ban on surrogacy in India. So, we signed the papers and it happened,” reveals Kashmera. “When an actress opts for surrogacy, people think that we are figure-conscious. But that’s not true. I know how hard it was for me. I empathise with women who are in this profession, as you don’t tend to marry or have kids early usually.”

With all the hardships and turmoil comes to an end as Kashmera and Krushna complete their family!

Congratulations to the couple!