Kashmira Shah - Biggest Bollywood film star

View Govinda Celebrates his Birthday - Picture GalleryKashmira Shah has a reason to smile. After all she has finally been recognized as a biggest Bollywood film star ever!

Don't look at the screen with astonishment as this happens strictly in an upcoming film of hers. Titled MY BOLLYWOOD BRIDE, the film stars Kashmira Shah as Reena, the central protagonist who is a Bollywood superstar.

A light hearted entertainer, the film tells the tale of a foreigner named Alex [Jason Lewis] who falls in love with Reena. How he follows her all the way to Mumbai and woos her to be his bride forms the crux of the storyline.

Produced by Brad Listermann and directed by Rajiv Virani, the film has been ready for release for more than a year and would finally be arriving on April 20 with ADLABS taking over the project.