Katrina gets praised by one of the directors. Guess who?

The stunning Katrina Kaif brings sexy back on the cover of Harper's Bazaar, sporting a crisp suit with her signature oomph.

Unlike the regular tete-a-tete, the fashion magazine featured an intimate portrayal of Katrina Kaif, covering everything from her business acumen to her incredible work ethic as told by director and Katrina’s friend, Kabir Khan.

The filmmaker gets candid about the superstar in an interesting conversation that features in this month's luxury issue.

In an excerpt from the 10th-anniversary issue, he says, "There is no one in the industry more hardworking than Katrina Kaif. Because she started from a place of not knowing anybody when she first came into the industry, she has worked that much harder".

Katrina Kaif on Harpe\'s Bazaar cover page
Katrina Kaif on Harpe\'s Bazaar cover page