Katrina Kaif: I will not express what I want to say for 5 years

Katrina Kaif

Did you meet theand goals which you had made when you came in the industry and what are you expectations now?

I had different goals and dreams that I wanted to achieve in different stages of life. Different goals are priority to me different times. First when I came into the industry I wanted to be really successful model Which I achieved, I wanted to be in movies and what I thought was what I could do and what I could learn from these movies. I always wanted people to know me I wanted fame, and I think that’s what you want when you were young. So that phase was Singh is King, Welcome and many more phase. After that I wanted to enjoy the characters that I am doing and I wanted to play different things. Later on I went onto different direction where there was dance, songs and glamour like Dhoom 3, big scale films. Some choices were concious and some just happened in the flow of things which you don’t realise. Now I think I am at the place where I also took a step back from I am came back at work and enjoying myself at work, like feeling good, happy and creatively satisfied that I am learning something and that I am doing something on my film sets. I have had ups and downs and whenever I was low I always remembe my mom’s words she said,’you are not the only one there are many people who are going through this.’

Would you say your film Raajneeti was a turning point?

No, I think Namastey London was a big turning point for me. And I remember there was big actress who turn down the movie that’s why it came to me. But that’s happens general. And it was amazing to work with Akshay Kumar.

Your sister is also coming into films have you advised her anything?

Yes I have I am emotionally attached to her and close to her, the world has changed since I came into the film industry. Now we’re in a digital age. Back then We roamed freely but now we can’t. It was a different time and era. Although I have advised her but I can’t tell what all will come in front of her and how she will take it. One thing that I tell my sister is don’t get caught up in all this, people are going to advise you a lot. My digital team texts me that we are behind you have not posted anything but I just smile and put it down because I understand that it is there work but that is not my work, my work is when I have time in my life when I am at ease and chilled. Only thing that really matters is what you do between action and cut. Everything else is the garnishing on the cake. First bake the cake. What matters is the work that all the actors do, not anything else.

What are you taking back from Zero?

sometimes I think it can be beneficial in process of leaving things behind you and letting things go to say what you feel. My nature is such that I cannot say something that I want to say for 5 years, something that puts me in a vulnerable position, I won’t to do it. There are some good sites to its which is why I avoid confrontation, I can be around everyone no matter what my equation with you is and even if they start the conversation then also I will be silent I will not confront. Because I don’t want to expose what I feel is it makes one vulnerable and makes you open for acceptance or rejection. So that is something I hope to change because sometimes in life you should see things that you feel, speak your heart and then move on. That is what I like about the character Babita, in Zero because she says that. She is getting it out there and there’s nothing left inside and that’s important. Holding things inside like anger, bitterness and resentment is the worst thing that a human could do.

You are really tall so were there any funny moments while shooting with Shah Rukh Khan?

Funny no, because my and Shah Rukh’s scenes are not funny and very intense. And he is on a platform so that doesn’t seems funny. It’s very technical for you all feel very high tech about it. There is a physical moment between us but it seems like to small boys fighting so that is a little awkward. Shah Rukh gave a lot of encouragement and support to me for every scenes. Sometimes we would just sit and talk because you need to be in your mind set also.