KATTI BATTI: Would Aamir Khan's touch work?

KATTI BATTI: Would Aamir Khan's touch work? news
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 18 Sep 2015 15:26:12.0130000 IST
Though he is away shooting in Punjab for his next release DANGAL, Aamir Khan would be a bundle of nerves today when KATTI BATTI hits the screen for his nephew Imran Khan. Aamir Khan has bestowed personal attention to KATTI BATTI and had suggested some changes after the film was completed - may be the concern being that Imran Khan should make a mark this time around at the box office even though through the silken touch of mamu Aamir Khan. Imran Khan has so far only two hit films to his credit - JAANE TU YA JAANE NA and DELHI BELLY both made through active help of mamujaan Aamir Khan.


For KATTI BATTI even though the film had been completed, Aamir Khan took it upon himself to improve it, and indeed apart from Imran Khan whose reputation is now at the stake at box office, Aamir Khan’s reputation is also at stake at the box office through KATTI BATTI. Incidentally other Khan – Salman Khan also took it upon himself to modify HERO which he was presenting after the film had been completed. As a matter of fact, this new development in the world of Hindi cinema raises an interesting question whether the stars of the likes of Aamir and Salman are not happy with the editorial acumen of the editors of the film that they decide to re-do the job themselves? May be, as they are seasoned professionals who continue to have their hegemony at the box office for more than two decades, they are aware about the nuances and preferences of the patrons and they would like to bring in their touch to the product and hope that this could work wonders at the box office. For Salman Khan, it has not worked to the extent that he desired for HERO, would it then work for Aamir in KATTI BATTI?

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For Imran Khan, KATTI BATTI would really be an acid test as he has to content with 3 consecutive flops while for Kangana Ranaut the failure of KATTI BATTI would not have much effect on her as she has had a phenomenal run at the box office with her last film TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS breaking all the records at the box office and as a spin-off effect perhaps now she has been roped in along with Big B for an advertisement campaign as well. If KATTI BATTI does not score at the box office, for Kangana, one could always say that the law of averages has caught up with her and it would hardly affect her standing at the box office. Even otherwise in her acting career over last 2-3 years, what has counted is the content of the film and not the co-star acting opposite her. But for Imran Khan, KATTI BATTI is a make or a break. Would mamu’s magical charm work is to be seen!