KAUN HAI to present a folklore with a twist


Horror stories has been a part of our lives for years while many believe in the occult, there are others who don’t. COLORS’ KAUN HAI will soon be presenting a story that will change the perception of Jinns. From centuries, Jinns have always been thought as one who grants wishes if and when found. But for the first time ever, audience will see a Jinn in a different light.

Set against the backdrop of Hyderabad, the story narrates a tale of a childless couple - Amna (Aditi Abrol) and Haroon (Raj Logani), who comes across Jinn who grants them a wish to have a child. But to their horror, the same Jinn petrify them and they later struggle to free themselves from him and his spell.

Speaking about the episode Aditi Abrol said, “I have grown up listening to stories of Jinns being nice and granting wishes to people. I someday wanted to meet one in reality as well. But while shooting for this sequence, my idea of Jinn has completely changed and wouldn’t want to meet one, as they can be scary as well. Our creative team has worked really well to bring that eerie, scary feeling to life and we hope that the episode is loved by all.”