Kaushiki: A tale of 5 friends and the complexities in their friendship

Kaushiki is Viu India’s one of the most anticipated shows. The trailer tells the story of 5 friends and the complexities in their friendships, which are based on shocking wrong doings.

The trailer shows a very dark and grim relationship between friends who get involved in shady businesses and Kaushiki gets involved in their dark actions as well.

Sayani Gupta who plays Kaushiki said, “The script of Kaushiki really excited me as it gave me a chance to innovate with the set of roles I like to essay. The series has a great ensemble and it was great fun shooting with all of them. The trailer is out and I am really looking forward to its launch. Hope people enjoy watching me in as Kaushiki as much as I enjoyed enacting it."

Omkar Kapoor who plays Maggie said, “Kaushiki is exceptionally amazing script and Ankush's character was a great role to play as hes got hidden secrets like the others as well... Right from the direction to the selection of actors, everything was just apt. I am sure the viewers will be in for a treat with Kaushiki, as it promises to engage the masses with its spellbinding twisted story line.”

The exciting and twisted tale that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats, will unfold on 27th April 2018