Kavea Chavali: It was fun sharing the stage with Varun Dhawan

Kavea Chavali who is an international anchor recently hosted the Digital Marketer Awards and had the opportunity to share the stage with none other than the talented actor Varun Dhawan. Varun received an award for the Digitial Personality of the year.

On sharing stage space with him, Kavea said, "I had a great fun filled conversation with Varun who's humility and energy is simply splendid. I have had fun spontaneous chats with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and I love how fun and quirky Varun was with his replies. He is undoubtedly a star on social media and so rightly deserved the Digital Personality of the year award."

What started as TV News Reporting, years down the line, Kavea now is an Anchor/presenter, model and a voiceover artist having hosted more than 1300 shows across the globe and having voiced IVRs, documentaries for animation films.


Kavea along with her twin sister and mother have also started their online retail brand Kalaneca. Kavea says, \"This initiative of ours is to promote the craftsmanship and weavers of Uppada (Andhra). I am passionate about Sarees and our venture has been doing tremendously well.\"

She and her twin were even seen in AIB's video, A Woman's besties - as Geeta and Boobita.