Salim Khan reveals Arbaaz Khan was a confused kid on The Kapil Sharma Show

Talking about his sons, Salim Khan revealed a secret about actor turned director Arbaaz Khan. He said that while growing up, Arbaaz loved playing cricket and so like a doting dad he got him  enrolled in Khar Gymkhana for cricket coaching. But around the same time Arbaaz also wished to be a singer, and hence he had a teacher come to teach him singing at home.

While we all know about Salman singing in his movies, this surely was a surprise for everyone including host Kapil Sharma. It was then that Salim Khan decided to open up on what happened  ahead. So like any excited father Salim Khan decided to ask Arbaaz about his singing talent and sing a song. But as he sang, Salim realised that Arbaaz was a not that good singer and  advised that he should concentrate on cricket than singing. So maybe Arbaaz was a better sportsman than a singer? And this was Arbaaz’s query too. He asked his dad if he had seen his  game? To which Salim Khan replied, “No but I have heard you sing so that cricket will be any day a better option.”

Well, we all know how both cricket and singing turned out for Arbaaz, and we are lucky that he’s so much great at what he does now, at making amazing movies. Many such trivia, fun facts and  unheard tales from the Khan family’s life will unravel only The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony Entertainment Television.

Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan

Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan

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