KIN trailer: Futuristic army invades present day USA

James Franco is a man of many talents but what he excels the most is in his acting and he has given some of the most memorable performances in 127 HOURS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and in the SPIDER MAN franchise. He also won a Golden Globe Award for his brilliant performance in THE DISASTER ARTIST.

The trailer for KIN dropped last night, a sci-fi film which shows a very disturbing unstoppable army with futuristic army squaring off and a child (Myles Truitt) finding a blaster which belongs to one of them and taking it with him.

The setting of the world seems like present day set in the financially affected town where there are a lot of empty broken down buildings and in one such establishment, a child witnesses a huge explosion and upon inspection finds a futuristic blaster which he takes away with him.

The child’s elder step brother (Jack Reynor) is released from prison and comes back home to make amends with his family and set things right but falls in with James Franco and his thugs over nonpayment of money borrowed earlier, this escalates and as James Franco is beating up Jack Reynor’s character his younger sibling comes to his rescue and blasts off with the gun in his hand demonstrating the power it possesses.

The trailer further goes on to show Zoe Kravitz’s character trying to help Jack and Myles and the futuristic army searching for their lost weapon. The trailer also shows them being immune to bullets as they face the police and gently walk past by unaffected.

The trailer shows a promise that the film has a lot more to offer than just a blitz of flashy lights zipping from one end of the screen to the other, the film is tied in with a bond of family embedded in it and hints that there is plenty more to offer than what’s shown in the trailer.

Directed by Johnathan and Josh Baker and produced by Lionsgate Company, the film is scheduled to release on August 31st, 2018.