Do you know the song Kishore Kumar sang when he met SD Burman for the first time?!!

Kishore Kumar and SD Burman

The magic of Kishore Kumar and the Burman’s is unparallel, be it the revolutionary RD – Pancham da or the eternally soulful SD (Sachin Dev) Pancham Da’s father.. we all are aware of the magic shared by Pancham Da and Kishore but do you know that the gifted Indian singer, actor, comedian, musician and filmmaker the legendary Kishore Kumar was a fan of Pancham Da’s father SD Burman much before their collaboration…?!

In his open admiration to SD Burman, Kishore Kumar reportedly followed SD’s music and in fact after his first guru, the first Indian singing superstar – Kundan Lal Saigal ( K L Saigal), Kishore Kumar frequently purchased LP records of SD Burman. dheere se jaana bagiyan mein ’ was his favourite and it fetched him awards at college functions.

When Kishore Kumar landed in Mumbai, his elder brother Ashok Kumar aka Dada Muni was a star. Kishore pleaded to his elder brother for a meet with SD Burman and much to his surprise, Ashok Kumar said it won,t be an issue as SD is giving music for his film. They went to SD’s house.

Kishore Kumar recollects his historic meet with his idol in a radio conversation and says, when he entered the house of SD Burman, he saw the legend in his trademark attire with chameli ka gajra in both of his hands, chewing his pan and working on a musical note. A young lad with spectacles ( RD Burman) sitting besides and paying keen attention. Ashok Kumar introduced Kishore to SD and said that his brother sings as well.

On hearing this, SD immediately asked Kishore to sing a song, Kishore sang his favourite SD number dheere se jaana bagiyan mein and much to his delight, SD was very much impressed, he said to Ashok Kumar that hamara copy karta hai.. par khoob bhalo (he copies me.. but very good), SD promised to give Kishore a chance.

In the movie EIGHT DAYS (1946) that starred Ashok Kumar in lead, Kishore Kumar sang a portion in the song baka sipaiyah.

Six years later in the movie BAHAR (1951) starring Vyjayanthimala and Karan Dewan, Kishore Kumar’s dream got fulfilled when SD Burman gave him the song kusoor aapka huzoor aapka

So this is how Kishore Kumar sang for the Pancham’s for the first time, those who wondered why dheere se jaana bagiyan mein pops out as a pleasant surprise in the playfully joyful, romantic number paanch rupaiya baara aana from the evergreen classical comedy musical, CHALTI KA NAAM GAADI (1958), here is the reason.. Hey re lal la hoi re lal la!!’