KLPD producer gifts Vivek Oberoi a house in Delhi

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 09 Jan 2012 13:03:50.4400000 IST

We've often heard of actors taking chartered planes to reach the shooting location in time, but Vivek Oberoi has found a rather innovative way to save time. Instead of flying to and fro, the actor has simply decided to shift residence, albeit temporarily.

Vivek, who will soon start shooting the Delhi schedule of Sanjay Khanduri's KISMAT LOVE PAISA DILLI (KLPD), has acquired an apartment for himself in the capital city.

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view VIVEK OBEROI picture gallery

A source close to the film says, "Vivek wanted to spend time with his family since he has been shooting round the clock. He decided to book a room on rent for his family as well during the Delhi schedule. When producer Amit Chandra learnt about this he decided to buy a plush property in the heart of the city for his lead actor and his family. It was also decided that the property would later be used in the film's promotional activities."

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The house in question is a huge 5BHK apartment in DLF Gurgaon and has been named KLPD Pad at the suggestion of the entire team. The final work on the house will be completed before the schedule starts after which VO's family will shift in.

Elaborating further, Producer Amit Chandra states, "Yes, it's true that I'm buying a house in Delhi. It's a very viable option and it's not just for Vivek, anybody from the team can use it anytime they wish to."