Know what John Abraham urges citizens of India to do!

John Abraham is one actor wo never fails to charm us with his performance in various films. His next film PARMANU’s trailer was loved by all and will hit the screens this Friday. With the songs churning out good views, the makers of the film have gone ahead a step further and initiated a parade at the capital city.

John Abraham's posted on social media sharing, “The #ParmanuPrideParade celebrates the proud historic moment that put India on the global map! Join us on 22nd May, 5:00 PM at Cannaught Place as we walk in the glory of Jai Jawan-Jai Vigyan! Let's step out and feel proud as a nation.”

John urges the citizned of India and says, “I am doing that, are you joining me?”

Check out the post below!

As opposed to notion people coming on streets has always being associated with protest or appeal, for once John & team PARMANU wants India to Walk the streets for the simple reason of being PROUD of your nation !! With Slogans ranging from 'Jai Jawaan - Jai Vigyaan' to 1998 - the Year India become a Super Power '. John Will appeal everyone especially the youth of the country to be a part of this parade.

The PARMANU Pride Parade shall take place to acknowledge the contribution of the governments, politicians , scientists , Military etc on how the came together against to make India a Super power.