Know which is Akshay Kumar's most favourite film

Know which is Akshay Kumar's most favourite film news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 27 Jan 2017 19:06:03.5400000 IST

Akshay Kumar has been ruling the roost from last 25 years and still going strong. Known for action oriented roles & showing great comic timing on-screen, the Khiladi Kumar has been entertaining us for over years.


During media interactions for his film JOLLY LLB 2, when asked Akshay Kumar to sum up his 25 years he spoke in length saying, “My journey has loads of ups and downs, I started off as an action hero and I was offered only action packed roles.  One day it so happened that I looked into the mirror and mirror said (my innervoice), ‘you are again going to do the same stunts, pack few punches, quench wrists, what’s new, that’s when I realized I should try something different but how?,’ I wondered..”

Speaking further, Akshay added, “Thankfully Priyadarshni came to my rescue. He offered me a comedy role, and trust me it’s tough to play a comedy role. It really is very tough. He believed in me and then I started with different genres.”

On being asked which is his favourite film in his 25 years of career, Akshay replied, “SANGHARSH is my favourite film.”

Here’s wishing Akshay all the very best for his upcoming film!