Know why Athiya Shetty rushed to meet daddy Suniel

Know why Athiya Shetty rushed to meet daddy Suniel news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 19 Apr 2017 10:42:12.5300000 IST

Athiya Shetty who made her debut in the film HERO has been busy with her upcoming projects and brand endorsement. Apart from that the actress is also spending quality time with her family.


As per sources Athiya is looking forward to travel to Goa with her father Suniel Shetty, as they haven’t met for over a month.

As Athiya was stationed in London for a month shooting for her forthcoming movie MUBARAKAN, she couldn’t spend time with her daddy dearest, mother Mana and brother Ahaan.

Speaking about meeting her father the elated actress said, “I haven’t seen dad in over a month, so it’ll be nice to spend some time with him and catch up. Usually I do all the talking and he loves listening to me! We talk about everything.”

Reminiscing about Goa, Athiya shares, “Every year we’d do a trip to Goa, and stay at a village, so I’ve had some of the best moments growing up there! I’m obsessed with water, so it’s going to be a perfect holiday. I remember dad teaching me to swim for the first time when I was five-years-old in Goa. When I am there I eat the most amazing food, chill by the beach and swim!”

Speaking about her shooting schedule in London she added, “I go to London with my family every year, but this time I was there for the shoot of my film MUBARAKAN. London is my favourite city and I could live there for year. But I miss Ghar ka khaana after a point. It was really nice because through the process of shooting I got to see different parts of London and learnt more about the Indian culture there.”