Know why Ekta Kapoor is confident about the success of VEERE DI WEDDING

Ekta Kapoor who has been a trendsetter and given the Indian cinema some of the most iconic and coming of age films. The producer is all set for the release of VEERE DI WEDDING. The entrepreneur is not only proud of the outcome but is also very confident about its success.


“As a businesswoman, I am very sure about this film. I actually loved the script. I picked it up when I was low in my career. I have got four stellar actresses in it,” said Ekta in a statement.


And after watching her daughter’s movie, Shobha Kapoor couldn’t help but give Ekta a hug. “My mother came and hugged me after she saw the film. She said it was an outstanding film and that she wished she was born in such times when women can take bold steps. The movie has covered most of its cost and we are looking at a great, clean run. I am a happy producer,” Ekta exclaimed


Ekta also held a personal screening of the film, which she had done for the very first time after eight years. She also poured her heart out on social media mentioning how proud she was of this particular project.