Know why Priyanka Chopra got emotional!

Priyanka Chopra has become a global icon and is making India proud on international platforms. The actress also slayed with her debut appearance at the MET gala awards recently. PeeCee is also the National brand ambassador of UNICEF. The actress was in Harare, Zimbabwe to attend UNICEF’s gala fundraising event and highlights the challenges faced by children affected by violence.

The event which will be held on May 6 will have representatives from across the globe to offer their support in ending violence against children. Upon reaching Harare, Priyanka Chopra posed with a bunch of representatives from UNICEF who are working day and night for this special cause.

She posted several messages on her social media and is deeply touched by the kids of Zimbabwe and got emotional while penning down few thoughts. Here are the posts by Priyanka Chopra that will leave you in deep thoughts!

On the work front, Priyanka Chopra is gearing up for her Hollywood movie debut with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron starrer BAYWATCH. The film will be release on June 2 in India.

Priyanka Chopra

Their stories of resilience are so inspiring.. thank u for sharing with me

I couldn't keep this inside me so bear with me for one final post. If I tried to explain what I'm feeling right now, at the end of what has been an incredible day, I know words will fail me. So I'll just let the photos speak for themselves and let those beautiful faces with all those emotions shining in their eyes speak to you as they did to me. They made me believe, with every fibre of my being today, that there is good still left in us all and if we make even a little effort, we can somehow start to heal this world we live in. Thank you @unicef and the amazing people of Harare.

Last post for the night! This special girl Nyasha wrote me a song. She had the voice of an angel. Sang it for me too. Raped as a tender Pre teen by her grandfather has dreams of being doctor and an actress. With tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips she sang me her song and said pls don't forget me. I will not forget u Nyasha. Thank u for showing me that resilience will get u through anything.. u r my inspiration. I asked for her autograph so that when she fulfills her dream I can say I know her..she obliged me #NamasteIndia #EndViolence #unicef #thistimeforafrica ... Until tomorrow... stay with me on this journey. Show the world that children all around the world need our attention.

I love this picture..We don't speak the same language but we all seem to love bindis. Took some for the kids from India and they seemed to love them!! So much concentration! Ended up on noses too.. not just foreheads

It’s the end of a long day of travel from NYC to Harare but I’m not tired…. In fact, I’m energized, waiting for dawn to break so I can set out on the journey of discovery that these amazing women and men have laid out for me. Meet Team @Unicef. Their passion and compassion is contagious and their hard work and dedication evident in everything I have just seen and heard in our meeting.

Amazing women who are champions of change.. they are a peer group that empowers boys and girls of their age to cope with social and economic pressures that leads to violence, unwanted pregnancies and child marriages. This club is adolescent-led, adolescent-driven and adult mentored. So inspiring to see these girls taking charge of their lives and their communities . Thank you.. 🙏🏻 for including me

Loyd( in the red t shirt) wants to be a musician. He has an incredible voice and is currently finishing a song he's composed called"I'm not shy of my status" thandiwe( the girl in the blue t who wants to be a psychologist ) and Tendai(in the checked t who wants to be an EMT) both had stories that made my heart break over and over again.. these young kids are so brave to have accepted their HIV status and know that they can live a wholesome life instead of giving up..AFRICAID is an inspirational organization that provides specialist services to children to be safe. This incredible group of CATS( community adolescent treatment supporters) who themselves are young children and adults living with HIV.. support HIV positive kids and families with knowledge skills and how to deal with the stigma of living with HIV. #unicefand #AFRICAID have partnered to do so much good work. I'm so moved and privileged to have spent so much time with them and the care workers. 🙏🏻 keep inspiring the world..Ps. I didn't post a pic with the faces of the group since a lot of them wanted their identity concealed because of the stigma they may face.

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