Know why Priyanka Chopra's Quantico left netizens furious

A recent episode of popular American TV series Quantico, which also features Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, has left netizens furious.

The episode, which triggered this anger button among mostly Indians, was aired on June 1.

This episode, which has left the netizens fuming, actually showed how an ‘Indian nationalist’ plots a terror attack in Manhattan with the intention of blaming it on Pakistan .

The episode showed how an MIT professor acquired uranium that he planned to use for a nuclear bomb.

His target was an India-Pakistan summit to be held in New York City.

The plot of the episode left Twitter user enraged over its content.

One Sudhir pointed in his tweet: \"#Quantico .. the episode show ‘Indian nationalists’ trying to blow up Manhattan to frame Pakistan, what sort of ridiculous narrative was this episode trying to peddle. Thanks @priyankachopra You Are Best. @UnSubtleDesi @jgopikrishnan70 @RubikaLiyaquat.\"QUANTICO gained attention in India as it marked the international debut of Priyanka Chopra.She has gained fame with her performance as the character Alex Parrish.The series also features Josh Hopkins, Jake McLaughlin, Aunjanue Ellis, Yasmine Al Massri, Johanna Braddy, Tate Ellington, Graham Rogers, Anabelle Acosta, Russell Tovey, Pearl Thusi, Blair Underwood, Marlee Matlin and Alan Powell.Currently, the third season of the series is going on.It will be its last season as well.Priyanka, who made her Hollywood debut with BAYWATCH, will soon be seen in another international project titled A KID LIKE JAKE.She will also work in Bollywood movie BHARAT.It will feature Salman Khan in lead role.

BhavyaRW, said: \" #Quantico playing India-Pakistan Game and Priyanka Chopra finds a Rudraksh! Seriously home grown things are shown on international level with Indian narratives. This is something which shivers our nerves.\"

An internet user duvijan said: \"Latest episode of QUANTICO is about Hindu men with Rudrakshas who are identified as Indian nationalists with knowledge of Indian government planning a Nuclear attack and blaming Pakistan and the Great priyanka chopra with FBI team stops it Mainstreaming fake narrative.\"

Another internet user Dawn Marrisa posted: \" What kind of stupid ass episode is this?? Indian nationals trying to frame Pakistan #Quantico.\"

One Twitter user Aadit Kapadia said: \"What the hell was this episode of #Quantico .. they tried to show ‘Indian nationalists’ (their term) trying to blow up Manhattan to frame Pakistan.. I don’t even know what sort of ridiculous narrative was this episode trying to set.. nonsensical stuff.\"In another tweet, he said: \"They try to wade into the India-Pakistan issue and come up miserably short.. the storyline is not just implausible, the narrative is faulty feels like them trying to create a false equivalence where none exists.. all this on a show with an Indian actress @priyankachopra .. sad.\"