Know why Ranbir Kapoor rushed to SRK's house

Know why Ranbir Kapoor rushed to SRK's house news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 10 Jun 2017 12:19:46.1970000 IST
Shah Rukh khan and Anushka Sharma’s latest film finally gets a title JAB HARRY MET SEJAL.

After two indecisive names like THE RING and REHNUMA, there are many actors who helped in suggesting the title of the film.

Well, finally it was Ranbir Kapoor’s title that was taken into consideration.

SRK shared on his social media account that Ranbir is the man behind the title and if he denies he won’t be awarded 5k.

During the press conference of JAGGA JASOOS When media asked Ranbir about SRK’s post on social media he said, “I suggested JAB HARRY MET SEJAL to SRK; I am going to Mannat (SRK's Mumbai home) to take the Rs. 5,000 because it is my title. It so happened that I met Anushka and SRK while they were shooting and they were talking about the title so I suggested it.”
JAB HARRY MET SEJAL is releasing on August 4, 2017.