Know why Salman Khan fears being kicked out of industry!


Salman Khan’s RACE 3 has released today and fans and industry wallas are waiting to see Bhai in the most successful RACE franchise.

As it’s an action packed film it was very strenuous for all the actors to do such high octane sequences while Salman too had to make it look like it’s not a forced action.

Not only Salman even Bobby Deol, Saqib as well as actresses Daisy and Jacqueline have packed punches in the film.

In conversation with Salman Khan as he speaks about his role and why he is not seen doing role of a father.

Talking about action sequence, Salman said, "You need to be very careful while filming action sequences you need to make it genuine it shouldn’t make you laugh. I think the action in the film is lethal I am happy that Daisy and Jacqueline have trained for it.. both of them stretching and kicking.”

He further went on to say, “It’s funny, it’s sensuous it’s RACE 3 with HUM AAPKE HAI KAUN.”

When asked him what's his take on women centric movies and will we not see him doing films wherein he portrays the role of a dad, to which Salman Khan said, “As far as women centric movies are considered It depends on the script, casting. I have done films playing the role of a father 25 years back to Aditya Narayan, if something comes I will take into consideration.”

When asked him as his films are doing well not only in India as well as abroad what is his take on box office numbers to which Salman avers, “If you can manage to make a film in the budget and the film does well it covers the cost, whatever comes in the theatre you need to know your maths. Action costs money, You need to invest money.. be in the right budget. When we will go to China we see so many theatres..We too should increase the number of theatres, if we increase our theatres by 5000 we will be be at par with china. Look at US they have 15,000 theatres. We are progressing and soon we will have large number of theaters.”

When asked he was supposed to do a dancing film with Remo D'souza but eventually did RACE 3, and as we confirmed if the dancing film is happening, he said, "We were supposed to shoot a dancing film first I wasn’t ready.. in between Rameshji came up with RACE 3 and I did it, I am seen dancing in the film as well. If I don’t dance I will be kicked out of the industry.”