Know why Shah Rukh Khan got furious on this host

Know why Shah Rukh Khan got furious on this host news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 06 Jun 2017 15:02:18.4030000 IST

Reports of SRK being angry at Dubai’s TV show host Ramez Galal were doing the rounds since last few days. And now the truth behind Shah Rukh Khan’s furious reaction is out.

Shah Rukh Khan was invited for this Dubai reality show ‘Ramez Underground’ and in the video shared by the host we see SRK arriving in a car along with a female host and two other people. Then we see his vehicle getting stuck in the dessert and starts sinking in the quicksand.

As SRK tries to save the girl and other people from sinking a komodo dragon is seen approaching them. The girl starts screaming as SRK is trying to keep the dragon at bay.

Later the prankster reveals that the dragon is a fake one as he steps out of its costume. We see an angry SRK getting furious with the prankster whose name is Ramez Galal while the host tries his best to make SRK realize that he is his big fan and he is sorry if his prank has made the star angry.

Watch the video below:

However later it was revealed that Shah Rukh Khan’s reaction to this prank was a staged one as his manager Pooja Dadlani was quoted saying in Hindustan Times as, “Yes, it was staged and Shah Rukh Khan was aware and was acting as if he was angry.”

Well we are sure that SRK’s fans did have a gala time watching this fun filled video and SRK’s epic reaction.